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Our coaches are well versed in various fitness modalities and have been certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) in personal training and nutrition. Additionally, we also have taken part in the National Physique Committee Bodybuilding circuit, where fitness and nutrition were the key to securing a winning placement amongst fellow fitness professionals, enthusiasts, and trainers. We promise that each service will be executed with your input and in a safe and comfortable environment.

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1-tO-1 Coaching

With the help and direction of a trainer, you will execute a personalized workout plan based on your fitness ability. Learn proper technique and form which will help you develop the skills needed to continue to grow on your fitness journey and reach your ultimate fitness goals. Each session will be between 45 minutes to an hour, and comes complete with a meal guide as well as weekly check-ins and feedback from your professors.

  • $100/session 
  • $650/8 sessions 
  • $1000/12 sessions 
  • $2700/36 sessions
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Enjoy the direction and guidance of a trainer-led total body core workout from the comfort of your own space. Each workout will test your core ability through calisthenics and strength & conditioning exercises. Bootcamps will be 45 minutes to an hour, with class capacity ranging from 2 to 25 persons.

  • $15 per person
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Program Design


Need a little nudge in the right direction but don’t require a trainer’s oversight? Then this is the option for you. The program curriculum is specifically designed and tailored to YOU and your specific fitness goals. On top of your personally designed plan, you will receive weekly check-ins and regular feedback from your professors. Plans will be tracked and adjusted appropriately by your professor, commensurate to your progress. Access to weights and/or gym is a MUST.

  • $350 {Minimum 3-month commitment}


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In tandem with your Certified Nutrition Coach, we will work to create a dedicated nutrition plan specific to your fitness goals and daily activity. Learn how to reach a caloric deficit/surplus, without the pressure of following an overly-restrictive diet. Remove the guesswork of meal prepping/planning, as each plan is tailor-made and includes a daily food diary, weekly check-ins, as well as an understanding of tracking your macros. 

  • $150 [if purchased independently]
  • $100 [if purchased with a coaching plan]
  • {Minimum 1-month commitment}


  • NASM-CPT (certified personal trainer)
  • (CNC certified nutrition coach)

Winner of NPC East Coast Cup Championships 2021

  • Men’s Physique - True Novice
  • Men’s Physique - Open Class C

In honor of Mother's Day this month of May, we are honoring 15% off any of our services for all mothers . 

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