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Welcome Class to Aesthetics, Body & Soul University, better known as ‘ABS U’, where we aspire to teach our community how to take advantage of movement throughout their daily lives and become the best version of themselves aesthetically, physically, and mentally. As your professors, we will guide you on the importance of sticking to the fundamentals and effectively application to deliver you to your end goal. At ABS University, nobody receives an ‘F’, so long as you’re ready to do work and put in that sweat equity. 

Now onto how this whole thing got started, because who doesn't like a good origin story? Conceptualized in Summer 2019 and established in 2020, ABS University was a mere idea in the mind of Founder, Jonathan Walters (Professor Dub), who in an interview, expressed his desire to start a fitness-based company after coming off of knee surgery in April 2019.

Using that year to rehab, he returned to the gym in 2020, and it was during a conversation with friend, fraternity brother, and Co-founder, Emilio Azukwu (Professor E) that the light bulb went off. Having met on the track team at Stony Brook University in 2005, Emilio and Jonathan would always receive admiration and recognition in and around campus for their pristine abdominal physique, so much so people would insist they were ‘born with a 6-pack’ (not true btw) and ‘possessed the body of a Greek god’ (this may be a little true...LOL). Truthfully, they both just took a liking to weight lighting and made a decision to truly commit to bettering their physiques. 

Fast forward to 2020, after all the late-night college snack runs, all-nighters before exams, and smack dab in the midst of a global pandemic, ABS University was born. As an institution committed fitness, we reinforce to student body that none of your goals are unreachable and that consistency is truly key in attaining those desired gains. Delivering movement through a variety of exercise modalities including Weight & Resistance Training, Calisthenics, HIIT, and Strength & Conditioning, ABS University aims to make fitness an intricate part of each person's everyday life, by not only helping reach your fitness goals, but developing a total lifestyle change, truly rooted in ‘Building Generational Health’.

Personal Training Questionnaire

Meet Your


Emilio Azukwu

(Professor Emilio)

Emilio Azukwu is currently a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is an energetic and enthusiastic trainer who has been in the fitness industry for a little over a year. He has a background in sports and fitness as he is a former NCAA Division 1 track and field athlete, and has experience playing amateur basketball and football among other sports. 

He excels in multiple levels of fitness ranging from calisthenics, strength training, speed and agility, and cardio training. Emilio believes that fitness should be bigger than meeting a goal but a lifestyle. He has worked with various fitness levels and is more than capable of helping individuals become successful at leading healthier lifestyles through fitness and nutrition. Emilio finds joy in helping clients make healthier food choices and showing them a variety of nutritious and delicious meals they can prepare within minutes without culinary experience.

Outside of training clients, Emilio enjoys playing basketball, bike riding, and trail hikes. He is also fluent in Italian and speaks Spanish at an intermediate level. 

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Jonathan Walters

(Professor Dub)

Jonathan Walters, affectionately known as ‘Professor Dub’, is a fitness coach/enthusiast from Mt. Vernon, NY, who has been using his passion for fitness, health, and wellness to service clients in and around Westchester County and the Bronx for 10 years. Jonathan is also a former NCAA Division 1 track and field athlete. While always being athletically inclined, playing and excelling in sports such as basketball, football, and track and field, he has always had a passion for working out. A myriad of injuries prevented his sports career from really taking off, and as a result, pivoted to the wonderful world of fitness. 

Jonathan has never been shy to share his fitness knowledge and journey with those who are willing to listen and continues to add on to his rolodex of knowledge by reading various fitness publications, personal research, or seeking the advice of fellow fitness professionals. Even prior to the birth of ABS U, Jonathan would encourage his friends by developing program designs based on their specific needs.  He has always approached fitness with the mindset of “keep it simple and stay consistent” and advises his clients to do the same. The end goal is to have any and all clients reach not only their fitness goals but developing a lifestyle change that truly leads to ‘Building Generational Health’.

In the world of fitness, Jonathan is looking to build off the momentum of competing in and winning his first professional bodybuilding show in October of 2021 under the National Physique Committee, an amateur bodybuilding organization. He plans to obtain his pro card and take his talents to the pro stage, beginning his journey as a professional bodybuilder on the IFBB Pro circuit (International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness). (stay tuned for the progress)

While fitness is and will always be LIFE, Jonathan does have other interests that include listening to music, photography, podcasting, and any water-related activities.

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